Ethically sourced, qualtiy focused

VIVO Designs comprises of a continually evolving collection of genuine stingray shagreen, buffalo horn, Spanish Merino, and cow leather.

We believe in using sturdy, dependable materials that will last our customers for years to come. However, in addition to only crafting with materials that are high-quality from a durability perspective, we also focus on the aesthetics because you can have it all.

Our Unique Shagreen Leather

Shagreen is a truly unique leather. It has a gorgeous texture and feel, along with a hardy essence. Historically, shagreen has been associated with luxury, taste, and grandeur with sensational figures in history such as Madame de Pompadour, prominent mistress to King Louis XV, locking it in as the “it” material of the French aristocracy.  Shagreen then enjoyed a renaissance during the Art Deco era.

Today, it is appreciated for its unusual countenance and appeals to those with an eye for quality and singularity.

The shagreen leather we source is a by-product of net fishing off the coast of Thailand and Myanmar.

The fishing communities catch and sort the stingray, and then the meat is sold for consumption while the skins are preserved for later use. After the skin is cycled through our tanning process, the result is the spectacular material that we use to adorn our collection.

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Buffalo Horn

Buffalo Horn Jewelry

Produced by skilled artisans in Vietnam

relationships with artisans with excellent hand skills, finishing skills, and attention to detail to make Vivo’s buffalo horn jewelry and home goods.

Buffalo horn is a beautiful natural material that we continually work with to generate new product designs.

Buffalo horn is a by-product of the food industry and is a sustainable material.

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Merino Shearling

Merino Shearling Purses and Wallets - Vivo Studios

Our Spanish merino shearling is custom tanned for us in Turkey, Turkey has a long history of producing the finest, softest shearling. This tannery is compatible with Vivo’s manufacturing philosophy and has been a wonderful addition to our material palette. 

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Shagreen leather zip clutch wallet with tassel
Shagreen leather and buffalo horn necklaces
Luxury leather totes minimalist with Shagreen accents
Buffalo Horn and Shagreen stingray leather bracelets
Stainless steel pitchers and trays with leather accents